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Brooke Hummel Speaks OUT

Brooke Hummel and BNR Records is taking a stand against cyber-bullying with a 5013-c non-profit organization,  STOP BLOCK TELL.  Cyber-bullying is an insidious problem and many teens/young adults are ending their precious lives because of it!!  Cyber-bullying must stop now and we must all do our part!!   In one of her her PSAs, Brooke discusses her own personal struggles and encounters with cyber-bullying and advice on how to handle it.

Ultimately, cyber-bullying can take place anywhere at anytime.  Be sure to STOP, BLOCK and TELL when faced with hurtful or threatening messages from unknown or known users.   If you are scared and do not know who to talk to, click the HELP button below TELL US.  One of the Stop Block Tell staff will assist as quickly as possible.

Brooke is touring the world with her message and music, in an effort to raise awareness and funds to further support the cause!! Please watch the video, share with everyone you now, and donate if you can!!  For more information on having Brooke come to speak to your group or organization, please contact jermaine@bnrpromo.com .

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